Choosing the Perfect Bin Bags for Cleaning Out a Foreclosed House or Rental Property

Dealing with rubbish around your home can be a big task. Learn tips and advice for doing rubbish removal and maintenance.

Choosing the Perfect Bin Bags for Cleaning Out a Foreclosed House or Rental Property

31 May 2016
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If you are cleaning out an old rental property or a foreclosed home so that you can rent it out, resell it or move in, you may find a lot of rubbish during that process, and to deal with it, you may want to hire a skip bin. However, in the house, you will need bin bags that you can fill with rubbish and then take out to the skip. Wondering what sort of bin bags you should choose? Here are some tips to guide you: 

1. Use medium-sized bags.

Typically, bin bags come in 18, 27 and 36 litre sizes. To ensure you can fit as much rubbish as possible, you want to select a large bag, but you also don't want it to be too heavy to lift out of the house. For that reason, medium-sized bags (27 litres) are ideal -- they are also easier to hoist over the side of the skip.  

Typically, large bags are best reserved for lightweight items such as leaves or grass clippings. If the bags become too heavy, it's tempting to drag them along the ground, where they could rip and spill rubbish all over.

There is one exception to this guideline. If you are using a small bin to hold up your rubbish bags, just buy the size of rubbish bags that fit into that container.

2. Use gusset or star seals..

When you buy rubbish bags, you have a choice of a range of seals. There are flat seals -- bags with this type of seal are shaped like pillow cases. The disadvantage of these bags is that they don't open thoroughly, and they don't fit easily into bins. As a result, the space in the bag doesn't get maximised.

In contrast, bags with gusset seals have gussets along the sides. This makes these bags more 3-dimensional when they are opened, and as a result, it's easier to fill every nook and cranny with rubbish, making them more effective. Alternatively, bin liners with star-shaped or gathered seals also fit well into most round or rectangular bins, making them a great choice as well.

3. Look for high density plastic.

If you are going to be cleaning out fridges, throwing away pieces of plaster or loading other relatively heavy items into your skip, you need a strong rubbish bag to hold those items. When shopping, look for bags that advertise high density polyethylene.